Your Guide To Back Pain

By Nitin Garg

A back pain is the most common problem that is there in females who are pregnant and who have had children. The other most common candidates for back pain are people who have sedentary jobs or those who work for long hours in front of the computers.

Poor posture and osteoporosis are two main reasons for back pain. In fact poor ergonomics is also the main cause for back pain.

Ergonomics means the way the work area is constructed and how we fit into it. In most instances people will sit on chairs that are well designed and in turn they put a lot of stress on the back. In osteoporosis the bones get weak because of lack of calcium. These weak bones cannot handle too much pressure and weight

If you have a sitting job then make sure that you get up and walk every half hour from your seat. Get an ergonomically designed chair. Get the lumbar support for the chair you site on. While driving get lumbar support for your car seat.

For people with weak back bones it is better to use a lumbar support belt. This belt will provide assistance to the lumbar or the lower back region and it will be able to support the weight of the body. To make the back bone strong you can attend physiotherapy sessions. After consulting your doctor you can start visiting the gym and do some back exercises to get increase the strength of the lower back muscles.

Back pain is disorder that can be cured easily with some prevention and a little care. - 32188

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