Vestavia Hills Chiropractic Therapy: Long-term Back Pain Relief

By Clinton Gunia

Back pain is an expensive condition for individuals and for society in general. It causes lost work days, general ill health and acute flare-ups of when every move is excruciating. Vestavia Hills chiropractic therapy provides understanding of the specific location of pain, a review of contributing factors, and a plan for treatment.

Pathology of Pain

More and more people are experiencing the inconvenience and pain of back problems during the lifetime. The two major types of pain are acute pain that lasts only a short while, usually less than three months. The injury site heals and the pain diminishes then disappears. With chronic pain, the discomfort doesn't go away. It may continue for weeks or months even after the injury has healed.

What Creates Back Pain?

It is difficult to isolate pain in one part of the back from other parts. If the sufferer sits too long bent over a computer keyboard, the muscle strain may increase. Instead of correcting the underlying problem through proper posture, the individual may slump, or twist to relieve pressure from the muscles in spasm. This makes the problem worse.

Solutions for Pain Management

The first step in treating back pain is a comprehensive physical examination, usually including x-rays. The problem areas are identified. Therapeutic massage, realignment of the spine, physical therapy exercises, posture training and decompression all may play a role in successful treatment. Natural therapy targets the entire person and treats the cause, rather than the symptoms.


Preventing injury and irritation that causes back pain is not always possible. It is important to understand that pain is not normal. It is a signal that something is wrong. Good lifting habits, proper posture and beneficial exercises to strengthen back muscles are all methods to prevent irritation to the nerves of the spinal column.

After identifying specific and general causes of pain, treatment through Vestavia Hills chiropractic therapy can be initiated. The chiropractor treats the underlying cause, not just the symptoms. Natural means do not need surgery and can be accomplished without drugs. They offer lasting relief from pain. - 32188

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