A Back Support Pillow Takes The Weight Off Your... Back

By Abbey Dale

A back support pillow can provide relief from the long hours of sitting in one position all day long. By using a back support pillow when sitting at a desk or driving, you can not only properly support your spine, but also encourage good posture. These types of pillows are often used as a way to help relieve pain, muscle tension, and stress. Back pain is a very common problem, and back support pillows are a good way to help deal with the problems that can occur from too much sitting.

There is a wide variety of back support pillows to choose from. Each of these pillows is designed to support a particular area of the back. Back support pillows are firm, because they are intended to support the back without being crushed or flattened. Many people use a back support pillow on a daily basis to deal with their back pain. One of the most popular types of back support pillow is the lumbar pillow. A lumbar pillow is designed to support the lower back, and is often used to fill in the space between the lower back and the chair. They help the spine maintain the proper curvature, and can help to maintain good posture, which also helps to alleviate back pain. Some people also prefer to use a lumbar back support pillow when they sleep, to provide additional support.

There are several things you want to look for when shopping for a lumber back support pillow. First, make sure the pillow is well made, and contains resilient foam, which is not easily crushed. A back support pillow needs to be able to support the back and spine, without becoming too compressed. A lumbar pillow with a removable and washable cover is a good idea, so that you can keep the pillow clean and in good condition. Elastic straps are useful for attaching the pillow to a chair or seat.

U-shaped pillows can also be used for lumbar support, but they have other uses as well. They are useful for around the neck, supporting the head while sitting up. These back support pillows are very handy when traveling in a car or by plane, since they make sleeping while sitting up much more comfortable. These types of back support pillows can be very effective at relieving neck pain.

There are other types of back support pillows, which are designed for different types of uses. For those who suffer from tailbone pain, a donut-shaped pillow can provide relief. When a person sits on a donut pillow, the tip of the spine falls within the center hole of the donut pillow, thus reducing pressure and pain.

Pregnant women to provide back support often use maternity pillows. There is a wide variety of sizes and shapes of maternity back support pillows available. These pillows are designed for a number of uses, but some of these pillows can be used to allow a more comfortable sleeping position while pregnant. One type of maternity pillow, often referred to as the "wedge", is actually an L-shaped pillow, which allows the support of both the belly and the back at the same time. - 32188

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