Finding Effective Relief With Spinal Decompression Therapy

By Noam Sadovnik

The human spine is a wondrous creation which can be very flexible and at times carry incredibly heavy loads. Its purpose is to house and protect the spinal cord which the brain uses to send its messages to all of the organs and extremities. If there is a problem with the spine, it can cause all sorts of problems within the human body. An interruption in communication between the brain and any part of the body can cause anything from pain to tingling sensations. One treatment for a damaged spine is spinal decomrpession therapy.

The spine is made up of bones called vertebra, and cushiony discs which helps separate them and protect them. The discs between each vertebra are very important, and if they should suffer damage it can cause the individual significant pain. A slipped disc can also cause the spine to become misaligned which can cause other problems. Any misalignment in the back or slippage of the discs can cause the owner an intense amount of pain.

Until the last few years, most back problems were solved using surgery. The surgery involved placing metal rods into the spine to hold it in alignment. Back surgery is not something you would want to rush into, as it can be quite painful and the recovery period does not pass very quickly. It is understandable that many who suffer from back problems would try to seek a nonsurgical solution to their problem

Most people would rather use a nonsurgical treatment for any of their health problems. When it comes to taking care of the spine, most people think about a chiropractor. Chiropractors have been successfully helping people with back problems for many years now. Spinal manipulation can help ease a lot of common health problems associated with the spine.

Using spinal decompression, the physician can effectively put the spine into traction. This is referred to as negative pressure. This negative pressure allows the compressed spine to relax and let the components of the spine return to their natural position so that they can heal properly. It is a practice which has been used successfully to help many people.

The elongation of the spine and allows pressure to be relieved from the herniated disc. This treatment is referred to as negative pressure. The negative pressure promotes the healing of an injured area, and makes it quicker to recover from injury.

Those individuals who suffer from chronic back pain could potentially benefit from spinal decomrpession therapy. Usually the treatment is given multiple times within a week, and then sessions are scheduled further and further apart. Many patients who have used it have experience significant reduction in chronic back pain. The method has been proven safe and effective, and it is significantly cheaper than traditional back surgery. - 32188

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