Neck Massage Techniques - 7 Methods for a Fast and Relaxing Massage

By Tess Rainey

In this article we will discuss neck massage techniques and 7 ways to give a fast and very effective massage. These techniques will relieve stress and relax you quickly and without needing a massage table or professional. To perform these 7 techniques, position someone in a chair sitting backwards with a pillow in between their chest and the chair, draping their head over the pillow.

1. Upper Shoulder Squeeze: The first step for a quick and relaxing neck massage is to administer an upper shoulder squeeze. The muscle on each side of your shoulders is notorious for carrying a lot of stress and toxins. Gradually increase the pressure and repeat this squeeze three times.

2. Finger Circles: With your hands straight and fingers in line, place the fingers at the top of the neck and make small circles with your fingers. Continue to move down the neck and along the shoulder muscle down to your shoulders. Repeat this move three times before moving to the other side.

3. Lobster Claws: This technique is done by rubbing the muscles on the back of the neck, alternating hands and going in a fluid motion. Repeat 20 times.

4. Head Massage: To begin, place fingers at the hairline at the back of the head. Positioned in the center, make tiny circles with fingers and move outward. Move up the back of the head and massage the scalp, once you've reached the top move back down. Once completed, repeat the lobster claw massage technique on the other side of the body.

5. Fist Tapping: Gently tap on the back of the shoulders with the smaller part of your fist and cover the entire back and shoulders.

6. Karate Chops: Open the hands and perform karate chops over the shoulder muscles and upper back.

7. Finishing Strokes: Light downward strokes from shoulders to lower back; this final move relaxes the person considerably after having worked some seriously tight muscles.

This article discussed neck massage techniques and 7 ways to give a fast and effective massage. By following these simple steps, you can help anyone who needs to take a moment to reduce some stress. - 32188

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