Troy Chiropractor Provides Safe Solutions For Back Pain

By Andre Ferlo

Back pain can occur in anyone at any age. Most likely it will occur at the worst possible time in the worst possible place. Reaching too high in the grocery store, or simply picking up your heavy brief case on the train coming home from work. Whether your back pain originated with one definable moment, or it has progressed through various stages for some time, there is hope. A Troy chiropractor provides safe solutions for back pain. Before agreeing to surgery, think twice!

Some is severe and lasts for weeks at a time, and other times it is helped along with some over the counter pain killers and the pain goes away. For a while. For sufferers of back pain, there is nothing worse than not being able to move. At least that's what it feels like to many, and in many cases, it's true.

Choices are minimal. Your regular family physician isn't trained to do much other than sending you for diagnostic testing that sometimes shows nothing at all. He might send you home with some pain pills and "call me if these don't help" instructions. Smart patients, however, learned years ago to just bypass the family doctor and head to a chiropractor. Chiropractic medicine has been around for decades, but of course it has existed on the fringe because it's very effective, low cost, and "real" medical doctors know nothing about it.

When it comes to painful joints, especially any type of back pain, chiropractors should actually be the first choice of medical professionals from whom to seek treatment. They offer all types of non invasive therapies, especially a procedure called disc compression - obviously aimed at all patients who suffer from disc issues that cause incredible pain.

Most insurance plans now cover treatments from chiropractors, including treatments such as disc compression - a highly effective treatment for one of the most common causes of severe long term back pain.

With the risks of pain medication - addiction, etc. - and surgery, there is little to consider when it comes to viable options that are painless, less expensive, and provide a higher level of patient satisfaction when it comes to the end result: pain control. - 32188

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