Chiropractic Massage For A Natural and Relaxing Treatment

By Jeffrey Nimes

A number of research studies have examined the effects of chiropractic care on the frequency, intensity and duration of migraine headaches. One such study, conducted for six months at the Chiropractic Research Center of Macquarie University in Australia, involved 177 participants who had migraine headaches for an average of' years. The results of the study were impressive; most of the participants experienced positive outcomes. Seventy-two percent had substantial reduction or noticeable improvement in their symptoms, including a drop in the frequency, intensity and duration of their migraines, and a decreased need for their migraine medications.

A doctor of chiropractic is trained to locate subluxations, and reduce or correct them. This can be accomplished through a series of chiropractic adjustments designed to correct the vertebral subluxations in your spine. Chiropractors are the only professionals who undergo years of training to be experts at correcting subluxations. There are methods to decompress the vertebrae which allow the disc the ability to heal itself.

A Chiropractor will work with a patient's entire body but they focus primarily on the patient's spine. This is because Chiropractors believe that the majority of a body's illnesses and injuries can be treated via treating the spine. During your initial Chiropractic exam, your Chiropractor will take your full medical history. After the history has been taken, you will be given a full and thorough physical exam with special attention focused upon your joints and your spine. Your Chiropractor will also take some x-rays and do a few extra tests to define your illness's diagnosis.

Going to see a chiropractor can be a daunting experience for people, especially if they don't know what to expect. The way it works is on the theory that applying pressure to targeted areas can help relieve pain. There are other techniques used as well to alleviate your back pain and to make your life a better one. If your back is constantly hurting, no doubt that your days seem and feel very long. Having chronic back pain can affect you in several ways, most of them negative. Some people are helped by massage and others are not. Chiropractors can offer some services that may help you.

Stress and repetitive motion need to be addressed when dealing with chronic muscle pain. If a muscle is hurting for an extended period of time, then therapy may be necessary. It is also a good idea to get to the cause of the stress or try to reduce the amount of movement in a repetitive motion. After a muscle is injured from a trauma, such as lifting a heavy object that causes lower back pain, it is imperative to start the healing process with some sort of therapy. Chiropractic care is a great therapy to help muscle and joint pain.

Chiropractic can not only help with pain and discomfort, but may also help prevent spinal degeneration. Regular chiropractic checkups such as other preventive health measures like visits to the dentist, exercising and eating wholesome foods are part of a healthy lifestyle. So what does chiropractic care cost? The cost of treatment is based on the procedures performed, and can be different for every patient's particular case. Many insurance plans are accepted by most chiropractors. Chiropractic care is so affordable many patients will simply pay cash. - 32188

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