Massage Chair Therapy Can Lift Your Chiropractor Treatment

By Douglas Woodward

Chiropractors specialize on the spine. The chiropractor works under the theory that the spinal cord and nervous system affect everything about the general health of a person. The spine consists of round discs and soft muscle tissue and tendons. Chiropractors specialize in natural methods to help the spine recover and restore it to its prior condition. Massage chairs are very prevalent in chiropractic offices used to deliver effective massage therapy.

Spinal injury can be caused by numerous items both naturally from age or from injury. The spine is designed to take the weight of the body. For it to function properly, the weight must be distributed across the entire spine. Injuries happen when there is a concentration of force which is usually in the lower back. Chiropractors use the term pinched nerve or subluxation describing the misalignment of the spine. This misalignment causes added pressure and irritates the nerve.

Subluxations of the spinal column are the most common type. Because of the structure of the spinal column even the slightest misalignment can produce pressure any irritation on the nerves. This affects the communication of the nerve impulses from the brain to the organs, cells and tissues of the body.

When you get a pinched nerve, it can have a much greater impact because of its location to the spinal cord. This condition, known as subluxation, affects the communication between the brain and body. The more it is impacted the more severe the discomfort and pain felt by the person. In certain cases, the conduction of the nerve impulses is impacted which often makes the condition disabling.

The chiropractor looks to correct these situations. They may put a patient through a course of electrical stimulation to loosen tight muscles. Another treatment is massage therapy to manipulate the soft tissues of the spinal column.

To deal with the variation of massage delivered by masseuses, massage chairs have been employed. Massage chairs provide a patient a consistent massage. The chiropractor will set the duration of the massage, set the area to target, and the type of massage therapy.

A massage chair provides traction functions. Chiropractors use traction or stretching of the soft tissues to restore elasticity. Massage chairs utilize rollers to pass over each spinal disc. The patient is seated and then reclined to the desired angle. The patient's weight is used to exert the required force to adjust each disc.

The use of massage treatments is used to help the body recover from the condition. The soft tissues may be stressed making them very tight. Massage helps to first loosen them and slowly stretch them out. Kneading is a popular technique for elongating tight muscles restoring flexibility.

Massage chairs continue to grow in sophistication. Chiropractors have options of stretching the lower body and even the arms and shoulders. The doctor can set the type of stretching for the patient. Massage therapy can also be delivered simultaneously.

Massage chairs have advanced tremendously with technology and now contain many helpful and complementary therapies. Chiropractors have been using massage chairs with great success for many years now. These same chairs are also available for home use. Many patients of chiropractors have purchased massage chairs for in home use.

Chiropractors are using the latest tools including electrical stimulation, massage chairs and spinal decompression units. These sophisticated technologies target specific areas of the body to relieve the condition naturally. The body possesses amazing healing properties. The chiropractor is harnessing the power of the body to heal by nudging it back into its proper alignment. This helps break the dependence the body may have getting it back to take care of itself. Check with your medical advisor to see if a massage chair is appropriate for your situation, as many are also available for home use. - 32188

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