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By Dr Susan Friedman

80 percent of all back problems based on statistics can be prevented because 80 percent of these back problems can be tracked back to muscle strain, poor back usage habits, and degenerative disc disease that has not be treated.

Now, just how do these back injuries really come about? The first thing we need to is understand the core parts of the spinal column. It is comprised of 24 moving spinal bones called vertebrae. These vertebrae are stacked one on top of each other just like small blocks and sitting in between each one are gel like shock absorbers, or discs.

Connecting the vertebrae, holding them in alignment, almost rubber bands are ligaments. Muscles are also attached to the vertebrae by way of tendons. As your muscles contract they are responsible for moving the vertebrae which in turn moves your torso and upper body.

Normally, the average human lower body weighs about 105 pounds. Due to earth's gravity, a 10 pound object added to the weight of the human lower body creates approximately 1150 pounds of pressure on your lower back. If you are 25 pounds excessive weight, which seems to be very common, you are placing another 250 pounds of pressure on your lower back every time you bend over or try to pick something up. This is a really surprising or shocking statistic.

So what's the big deal all about? Every time you lift, pressure begins in the middle of your disc and that pressure will push out from the center of the disc toward the outside of the disc. If there is too much pressure, the outer disc fibers will begin to weaken and tear. If enough outer disc fibers are damaged from lifting excessively or even lifting wrong, the outer walls of the disc become weakened to where literally the center core can bulge through the outer fibers and pinch or put pressure on your spinal cord or spinal nerves. That is what happens when a person has a "slipped" or bulging disc.

The problem is, the outer spinal disc fibers in your lower back start tearing anytime you create 1500 lbs. pressure on your lower back area.

Most back pain sufferers feel that one particlular event or single incident started or caused their lower back pain or back injury. The reality of the matter is, less than 5 percent of all back problems or injuries can be blamed on one single injury or incident.

About ninety-five percent of back problems seem to build up over time. Big problems come about gradually over long periods of time until a singular simple small movement causes you to "throw your back out" and cause alot of pain. We all know the "straw that broke the camels back" story.

Now, just how can you use all this information to your benefit? First, learn some good back habits. Then, get your spine checked and evaluated by a qualified and licensed chiropractor. In my clinic, I focus on the evaluation and treatment of many types of spinel pain conditions and joint pain problems. - 32188

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