Is Chiropractic A Real Medical Field?

By Randy Goodson

Not Fully Understood

A chiropractic doctor is probably one of the most misunderstood health care practitioners in the medical profession. Through the years they have been looked at askance by doubters who are full of suspicion. In times past, they have been called quacks, or worse. This is due, in part, to the public's narrow and limited view of medical treatment - being that solely of administering prescription drugs and performing surgery.

Since the beginning of chiropractic the neigh-sayers have rolled out their case for it not being a conventional form of medical treatment, but there are literally millions of people who swear by it.

With so many satisfied patients who have experienced success through chiropractic adjustments, that they not have otherwise experienced. Not to mention, they walked out of the doctors office following their treatment, which is something many forms of treatment cannot offer. Chiropractic treatment also has a much higher number of practicing doctors and is the largest drug free form of treatment which appeals to many patients.

What makes a chiropractor?

The word "chiropractic" is a blending of the Greek words cheir (hand) and praxis (action) and means "done by hand." Chiropractic is an alternative medical system in that the practitioner takes a different approach from conventional medicine in diagnosing, classifying, and treating medical problems.

Essentially, chiropractic focuses on the relationship between the body's structure - primarily that of the spine - and the body's function. Doctors of chiropractic use hands-on therapy called manipulation (or adjustment) as their core procedure.

Is A Chiropractor Similar To A Regular Doctor?

So is the training of a chiropractor as rigorous as that of a medical doctor? The answer is a resounding, yes. Today's doctor of chiropractic receives an extensive educational background beginning with three years of pre-chiropractic study. From there they advance into a four-year course of study. A student of chiropractic spends as many hours in the study of human physiology as that of a medical doctor. Chiropractic programs require a minimum of 4,200 hours of combined classroom, laboratory, and clinical experience.

The most significant difference between is the focus of the education. Most doctors are trained in pharmacology and the chiropractors are trained in spine health. - 32188

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