Massage Chair Therapy May Sharpen Chiropractic Care

By Mark Berrafato

Chiropractors are usually employed to help individuals with problems they may have with their back and necks. In addition to receiving adjustments to the spine, chiropractors are using massage chair therapy. Massage chairs provide a consistent and reliable method to provide a number of treatments including massage therapy.

Chiropractors are trained professional health care providers who specialize on the holistic health of the spine. Their main focus is to diagnose the root cause of health issues stemming from your spinal column. The also determine health treatments to help your spine. Chiropractors are trained for many hours in schools and must obtain a license from the state that they practice health care in.

If you have never visited a Chiropractor, then here is what you can expect. When initially seeing a chiropractor you will be asked questions and examined for any problems that you are experiencing. Most likely x-rays and lab tests will be conducted.

The chiropractor will look for the main causes of the problems that you are reporting. Tests are used to further validate or invalidate the input you provide. A chiropractor is interested in restoring your spine back to it fullest healthy condition.

A chiropractors job is to put everything back into place. With his or her hands a chiropractor uses force to joint and thereby moving the defective part beyond its normal capabilities. By means of manipulation, adjustments, and realignment, the chiropractor seeks to restore your spine to a healthier state.

Most people are familiar with the concept of a chiropractor making adjustments. Unfortunately, many perceive this to be a painful process. Although you may hear a loud popping sound when the adjustment is done, the treatment is not painful, but actually relieving. The adjustment helps to realign the bones of the spine which takes undue stress off of a few key vertebrae.

Chiropractors use also work on the soft tissue that surrounds and supports the spine. These are the tendons and muscles that also need some therapy to help restore them. Popular treatments are electro-stimulation and massage therapy.

With electro-stimulation uses pulses of electricity to stimulate and to relax muscles and other soft tissue. The patient is hooked up to electrodes and low voltage is passed through the muscle. This helps to relax the muscles.

Massage therapy is used to help treat the muscles and soft tissues. Massage chairs provide a multitude of massage techniques and can target specific areas or can be used for a full body massage. Massage chairs allow the patient to sit down and relax while obtaining a massage. This is used to relax patients and to prepare them for an adjustment.

Chiropractors seek natural methods to relieve pain and to restore the balance and harmony of the spine. The use of medications to treat the spine is not practiced and chiropractors do not perform surgery. If these are required, then you will be directed to a medical physician.

If you are interested in natural, holistic health care, then a chiropractor is the spinal expert you are seeking. They will first identify the symptoms of problems you are experiencing. They then look for root causes for the symptoms. They then develop a treatment regimen to get your spine back to health. You will generally see spinal adjustments, massage chair therapy and electrical stimulation as part of the treatment regimen.

As with any possible medical condition, it is always best to obtain advice from your health care provider. They can provide you the best options for your situation. If you are interested in natural therapies, then mention this to your doctor so they recommend what is best for you. - 32188

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