Naturally Get Rid Of Back Pain At Draper Chiropractic Care

By Max Macky

At Draper Chiropractic Care, we offer a unique insight into the field of chiropractic, since our experienced chiropractor served for eleven years as a fitness instructor. For this reason, he is qualified to help our patients do more than just eliminate pain, he can also help them live better and healthier lives.

We take care of a wide variety of ailments, including (but not limited to) chronic headaches, herniated discs, migraines, balance problems, degenerated discs, sciatica, dizziness, and vertigo, to name a few. Although we use spinal manipulation methods, our approach also includes some unconventional and innovative techniques.

Draper Chiropractic Care is here to help those who have been suffering from back pain, and can alleviate pain that most thought was simply the way they had to live. Many Americans go through this needless pain each year, and the number of chronic back pain patients grows constantly as people discover there is hope.

Dr. Schlobohm is dedicated to helping patients with a variety of conditions to live without pain (or with significantly reduced pain if this is not feasible). He does not just use traditional chiropractic approaches, he also utilizes innovative neurological examinations to determine the root cause of the pain.

Brain-based therapy is the best way to approach modern chiropractic techniques. The brain is believed to be the control center for each of the bodily functions, and fixing the misfiring parts of a patient's brain is the best way to begin to help them live with alleviated or eliminated pain. A hurting back does not always imply that the back is the actual cause of the pain.

By taking this hands-on approach, we are able to heal back pain without requiring surgical means or prescription medication. This more natural approach heals the parts of a patient's brain that are not working right (misfiring), and, when this is done, the back will heal itself. Doing things Nature's way is always the best policy! - 32188

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