Massage Chairs May Accelerate Chiropractic Treatment

By Rebecca Wright

Do you know that chiropractors only use natural treatments to loosen up their patients? This is one of the main differences between a chiropractor and other types of doctors. Chiropractors do not prescribe drugs. Instead, they are taught to heal the body naturally. There are a variety of tools at a chiropractor's disposal to help rehabilitate the spine. One such tool that is gaining popularity is the use of massage chairs to loosen up the tight back muscles of patients.

Did you know that the field of chiropractic medicine started in ancient Egypt? This type of healing art has been around for many centuries. One of its most notable features is the use of natural therapies to restore the health of the body.

Chiropractic medicine was formally given its name by the ancient Greeks. The word chiropractor actually means treatments done by hand. The long tradition of this healing art is by using natural therapies to restore the health of the spine.

Doctors of chiropractic medicine use a variety of different treatments to restore the health of the spine. The spine itself is composed of a series of small bones commonly referred to as discs. These discs are held together by soft tissues.

Why is the spine so important? The spine has two main responsibilities. It acts as a shock absorber and it must transfer your weight between the upper and lower body. When it acts as a shock absorber, it must absorb shocks that are put on the body when you perform activities such as jumping.

Many individuals seek chiropractic treatments when they have pain in their backs. The doctor will diagnose the problems and seek for a root cause. A potential variety of treatments are then used to help restore the health of the spine and relieve pain and discomfort.

Some of the typical therapies used by chiropractors may include the application of heat, electrical stimulation, massage chair therapy and manipulation of the spine. These treatments help to relax the muscles of back and to correct the alignment of the spine.

Many chiropractic doctors are utilizing massage chairs in their practice. They performed a variety of therapeutic treatments at the touch of a button. Most commonly they are used to loosen up tight back muscles prior to making alignments to the spinal column.

Massage chairs provide a way to balance the patient flow through the office. A patient can simply be set up in a massage chair for five, 10 or 15 minutes. This enables the patient to receive a therapeutic treatment while better balance in the patient flow in the office.

The economics of a massage chair for providing massage therapy is one of its greatest advantages. A typical massage chair has a life of 2000 and hours. It may cost $3000 for a massage chair. However, the actual cost per hour for massage therapy is only a $1.50. In the end, this is much cheaper than having a masseuse on staff.

Many patients enjoy receiving a massage. It provides a relaxing environment with an MP3 player and headphones. Music helps the patient to relax while the massage chair provides full body massage therapy.

Get the same benefits from the convenience of your home with your own massage chair. Many of the same models used in a chiropractic environment are also available for use in the home. Massage chairs are the most effective way to receive frequent massage therapy. - 32188

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