How Does The BioMat work?

By Cynthia Ryan

A medical device that can be used in the prevention of illness and treatment of disease, the Biomat is able to help people improve their overall health by positively impacting on the immune system, decreasing pain, increasing metabolism and thus burning fat, increasing circulation, decreasing cardiovascular risk, reducing pain and stiffness in joints, clarifying the skin, and allowing detoxification to occur in the body. The Biomat uses the power of negative ions, far infrared rays, as well as amethyst crystals.

How is this achieved by the Biomat? The far infrared rays (FIR) are part of the spectrum of light that is invisible to human eyes, but are produced naturally by the sun and create heat (all living things produce some FIR). FIR is becoming more frequently used as a healing modality by medical practitioners as well as alternative therapists. The size of FIR is between 9 and-- microns, a size of light that closely resonates with the cellular tissues in the body. When the body comes in contact with FIR it experiences warmth, and the body's metabolism also increases.

The Biomat produces FIR by pulses of energy which are passed through the Japanese Kurera Super Fiber, which is a carbon ceramic material. When the FIR are generated, they then go through the amethyst crystals which amplify them into a long wavelength light, which can penetrate deeply into the body's tissues.

Negative ions are created in the Biomat, and these have been proven to be beneficial to the body's health. In nature, negative ions are very commonly found in great abundance in rainforests, near waterfalls, and also near the ocean. Negative ions affect the brain by allowing it to receive more oxygen, which increases alertness and improves the attention span. Most people spend their time in areas where there are few negative ions, so the Biomat helps by increasing the negative ions a person is exposed to. DC current is passed through the Kurera fiber, which produce these negative ions. When the negative ions are discharged into the air, the body is able to take them in and positive ions in the bloodstream are then converted into negative ions. More calcium and sodium minerals are created in the bloodstream, which makes the bloodstream more alkaline, which is a healthy state for the body.

Finally, the amethyst crystal in the Biomat is a super conductor, which means it is able to amplify the FIR produced by the mat exponentially, which allows it to penetrate further into the body.

The Biomat can be slept on at night, or can be used for shorter periods of time (which is often the case in clinical practice). The Biomat has been approved for use by several insurance companies, as they consider it beneficial in the treatment of pain and various musculo-skeletal problems. The Biomat provides several advantages over other FIR products (such as traditional infrared saunas) as it converts AC into DC current which is healthier for the body (AC current has been shown to be detrimental to human health).

The Biomat is extremely beneficial for both home and professional use. Professional chiropractors, masseurs, acupuncturists, Reiki practitioners, and others have found Biomats very useful, because not only are they healing on their own, but they also help relax clients and complement their treatment. - 32188

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