Can Cornelius Chiropractic Care Helps Relieve Back Pain Naturally

By Penelope Bunce

After a car accident my sister was in horrible pain. Her back and neck hurt her with every move. She couldn't work and the doctors said she might need to have surgery. Then we found Cornelius Chiropractic Care and she has been pain free for over 3 months naturally and without any surgery or medication.

I was amazed at the knowledge and professionalism of the staff. They knew exactly what she needed after two doctors had seen her and not been able to help at all. They made us feel right at home and I knew immediately we had come to the right place.

They knew all of the little tricks on how to get things back where they should be. I had no idea how much pain could be cause by one little vertebrae being out of line in your back or neck. It can even cause hip and leg pain and pulling sensations in your hips. It's like one big machine and everything has to work together to work properly.

Aligning the vertebrae also relives pressure on the nerves which is another part of the machine. The nerves help to let you know when there is a problem that needs to be fixed and simply throwing drugs at this problem doesn't help a lot; you simply have to get rid of the pressure. This was done without any surgery and was completely painless.

Relaxing the muscles in her back helped as well. They also told us that relaxing the muscles may help to prevent future injury. They said that when the muscles in the back are relaxed then there is less chance or pulling them during normal activities that involve those muscles.

I was able to feel a difference after only one visit. Now I can enjoy my children again and do all of the things I feared I would never be able to do again without pain. - 32188

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