Hip Joint Pain: Treating Your Condition

By Claudia Cal

If you have hip joint pain, you may need to see a doctor. There are several things that could be causing your pain but it's always best to consider seeking medical attention, especially if your pain is moderate to severe in nature. You could have a serious complication to your health if you do not have your pain attended to. However, if you feel that this is something that doesn't require immediate medical help, you can always try taking an over the counter pain medication to see if you can find some relief.

As we all know, the older we get, the more things that seem to go wrong with our bodies. Our hips, in particular, take a lot of abuse from the rest of our body and the activities that we engage in. It's actually quite simple to end up with hip joint pain as a result of an injury to another part of your body. If you have recently had a fall or an accident where your back or leg was injured, it can easily present with hip joint pain.

Over the counter pain medications like ibuprofen, acetaminophen or naproxen should help relieve your anguish if you have a simple issue such as arthritis. Most arthritis can be soothed by using one of these pain relievers or anti-inflammatory medications. If you're not getting relief and the pain has been ongoing, you need to schedule an appointment with your medical professional.

If your symptoms worsen or do not go away shortly, you need to seek medical attention. Any pains that are severe should also be attended to promptly.

Hip joint pain can be caused by arthritis, many times. It is very common in older people and people who are involved in athletic activities or have recently done heavy lifting. Try taking ibuprofen, naproxen or acetaminophen to help the pain. Most of the time, hip joint pain is caused by either the swelling of the joint, as with arthritis, or by the swelling of the tendons around the joint. This is called tendonitis.

In cases where pain is moderate to severe, these medications may not work and your physician may discuss hip replacement surgery with you. You may also be suffering from tendonitis, which is another common issue that many people face. This is caused by an inflammation of the tendon that is covering the joint.

Always discuss any ongoing aches and pains with your physician. Hip joint pain may be caused by a serious issue. Don't delay getting to your doctor if you've had an accident, are in pain that cannot be relieved with medication or you are experiencing extreme discomfort. This may signal a more serious cause that needs immediate medical attention. - 32188

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