Chiropractic: The Right Treatment For Neck Pain

By Philip Vincent

When considering going to a chiropractor about your neck pain, it is first important to keep a few things in mind. The chiropractic practice began with the intent of only working with spine and back related problems, and while many instances of neck pain may be related to back misalignment, many others are not.

While low in its risk, a chiropractic neck manipulation may carry some additional risks if done improperly. A chiropractor should perform a thorough physical examination that can range from pinching or severing of the major blood vessels in the area or even stroke.

Most, it not all, chiropractors understand the risks involved in spinal manipulation and only perform this procedure when it's the right treatment for the patient. A case history as well as a physical and neurological examination is done first. I would be unwise for a doctor of chiropractic to perform any treatment without doing these things first. In many cases, the dangerous manipulations are being performed by non-chiropractors and this is what puts the unsuspecting "patient" at risk.

Headaches, neck pain, and numbness or tingling in the arms and hands can be linked back to misalignment of cervical vertebrae. The benefits of a specific adjustment to the bones of the neck often means an end to long term chronic conditions. Many people only seek chiropractic care after they've tried every other possible treatment, including medications, injections, and even surgery.

Chiropractic adjustments can be just the thing for neck pain. Many times this neck pain may be caused by tension or posture issues which can be fixed in one or two visits with a skilled practitioner, even if it has been chronic. Because chiropractic can change, or reset the way a person carries their skeletal frame, this may also correct how they deal with the tension they carry around in their muscles and whether that translates itself into back or neck pain or not.

When deciding whether chiropractic is the right answer for your neck pain, the best thing to do is to check in with your general practitioner first if you have any specific concerns about your past history. He or she can help figure out if chiropractic is appropriate to your specific situation or if it would be unsafe. If you do decide to go with the chiropractic option, look for someone who specializes in skeletal, muscular and spinal problems.

This professional will likely do an X-ray on your neck and possibly your whole spine and after an examination may or may not recommend supplementing chiropractic treatment with massage, heat or cold therapy or even ultrasound and other techniques more commonly associated with physical therapy and sports medicine. - 32188

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